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[pextestim pex_attr_name=»Jaume Martin» pex_attr_img=»https://pablotovar.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/12-1.png» pex_attr_occup=»Controller, Roche Chile Lda» pex_attr_org=»» pex_attr_link=»» pex_attr_parallax=»disabled» pex_attr_inner=»true»]“Pablo Tovar’s LDP and its associated coaching process allowed me, now well into my fifties, to develop extraordinarily in personal and professional areas that I had only previously suspected. Highly recommendable for any good professional who is concerned with improving as a leader and as a person.”[/pextestim]


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Coaching program for your development as a leader

This Leadership Development Program is the result of my experience as an executive coach with hundreds of top managers. I want my work to reach thousands of professionals.


This leadership development program is free. It is part of my personal contribution for the development of awareness in the world.

12 issues

It is a journey of discovery and personal transformation to develop new habits that will enable you to become a better leader. Over six months, you will receive 12 issues, one every fortnight.


If you know anyone who might be interested, tell them. Share this information with them. Invite them to form part of this LDP.

26 exercises

Each issue has several exercises (a total of 26) which are an invitation to explore and grow in different areas to enrich your leadership. I can assure you that if you take it seriously and work through this process to the end, it will transform you as a leader and change your life.

Personalised coaching

If you want to make this transformation process more powerful and effective, I also offer you the chance to complement this LDP with personalised accompaniment.

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